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Work together as a trio of bugs to save the world! Each bug has their own unique set of abilities to help solve puzzles and KICK ZOMBIE BUTT on their journey to destroy the HIVE.

Minibeasts is a cooperative multiplayer puzzle/action game for three players. Take on the role of three bugs, each with special powers they can use to overcome obstacles. Use your powers to work together; solve puzzles and squish the Zombie Ants trying to take over the world!


Technical Requirements

To play Minibeasts you will need a machine that can take three gamepad inputs (preferably Xbox or Playstation controllers).


Developed by Marco Cortez and Corran Nolan
Email: marco12898@gmail.com / corran0nolan@gmail.com
Instagram: @martyr_marco

Install instructions

Download and unzip file in desired location. Run the 'Minibeasts' executable in the unzipped file to play the game. Requires 3 standard (XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4) controllers.


Minibeasts v1.1.zip 83 MB

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